“Progress is something you only notice when you look over your shoulder.”

The Story so far

Myles Dyer is a British cyber-philanthropist who has lived and breathed the world of YouTube since 2006, constantly experimenting with the platform to teach others how online video can be used as a vehicle for social change. His efforts have covered a wide spectrum of subjects including education, mental health, politics and activism.

For more than a decade he has created hundreds of videos as a vlogger, reaching tens of millions and thus helping shape online community from its earliest days. Myles organised the first UK YouTube gatherings, became a UNICEF honorary fellow after creating the annual 24-hour non-stop live charity fundraiser ‘Stickaid’, was nominated for 'Broadcast Hotshot 2012' and became YouTube’s UK Ambassador in 2018 as a part of their ‘Creators for Change’ initiative.

In addition to video blogging, Myles used his distinctive life experiences to help others bring their visions to life in the digital world. This included working with organisations such as the BBC, ChannelFlip, the Guardian and Doc Society.

In a world where technology is disrupting traditional institutions amid increasing individual empowerment, Myles has become focused on challenging the value systems we now need to evolve. Whether taking up the request to be a keynote speaker at a conference, reviewing morning papers on a radio show, providing video strategy consultancy to an organisation, or playing shows with his band Schemata Theory, Myles constantly strives to be an educator. His passion is contagious when sharing what the world has taught him so far, and it becomes clear that there is a real opportunity for citizens right across this planet - regardless of their background - to achieve global empathy.